Etsy Treasuries

An Etsy treasury is a selection of items that you have picked from the sellers on . My treasuries are all 100% from April’s Army members.

I recently learned that anyone can create a treasury and promote it in their own way.  Here are my first 3 Etsy Treasuries.  I hope you enjoy them!

Created March 22 – Treasuries for those on a budget

Created March 26 – Tea and Coffee

Created March 29 – I Don’t Give a Hoot!

I would love to hear what you think.

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I am going to give WordPress a try!

I am going to try and see what a blog on wordpress is like, I visit a lot of blogs on wordpress & like how they look.

Later today I will be putting up a tutorial on Magazine Gift Bows 🙂

Hugs, Amanda

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